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enthraldom | enthralldom, n.

Forms:  see enthral v.   and -dom suffix.(Show Less)
Frequency (in current use): 
Origin: Formed within English, by derivation. Etymons: enthral v., -dom suffix.
Etymology: < enthral v. + -dom suffix.
Compare slightly earlier enthralment n.   and earlier thraldom n.

  The state or condition of being enthralled; the action of enthralling someone or something; = enthralment n.

1582   R. Robinson tr. V. Strigel Pt. Harmony King Dauids Harp v. 156   The hauock and miserie of the poore, may not onelye be vnderstoode as touching the enthraldome of their bodies.
1641   J. Burroughes Sions Joy 19   Tending..to the enthraldome of the estates, liberties, consciences of their posteritie.
1675   S. Bold Holy Life 18   This sets our hearts and our souls at liberty from their Slavery to Sin, and their inthraldom to Satan.
1715   M. Davies Εἰκων Μικρο-βιβλικὴ 223   Full of marks of their Popish Enthraldom.
1783   P. Jenkins Doctr. & Pract. Auricular Confession 142   The sad enthraldom to an odious vice.
1843   Tait's Edinb. Mag. Sept. 559/2   It is not yours to weep The land's enthraldom.
1884   Public Opinion 5 Sept. 289/1   The emancipation of multitudes of men and women from their enthraldom to a vitiated appetite.
1932   Irish Q. Rev. 21 535   Russian minds are freed from enthraldom of the present economic battle.
1994   J. Limon Writing after War ii. 47   The re-enslavement of Jim to free him, the enthralldom of Verena to free her.
2007   Herald (Glasgow) (Nexis) 23 Feb. 20   The gang culture and the growing enthraldom of members with guns will have to be addressed.

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