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entheos, n.

Forms:  15 19– entheos, 17–18 entheus. (Show Less)
Frequency (in current use): 
Origin: Of multiple origins. Partly a borrowing from Latin. Partly a borrowing from Greek. Etymons: Latin entheos; Greek ἔνθεος.
Etymology: < (i) classical Latin entheos, entheus possessed by a god, frenzied, inspired,
and its etymon (ii) ancient Greek ἔνθεος possessed by a god, inspired, (of divine frenzy) inspired by a god < ἐν   in (see en- prefix2) + θεός   god (see theo- comb. form).
The use by English authors appears to be suggested by a post-classical Latin phrase such as entheus ardor (1553 or earlier).

  An internal divine power; frenzy attributed to or characteristic of divine inspiration.

1594   J. Dickenson Arisbas sig. G3v   The diuine Entheos..should be afforded to other nations.
?1596   J. Dickenson Shepheardes Complaint sig. C4   Matchlesse perfections, wrought in them by vertue of a diuine Entheos.
1782   J. Scott Poet. Wks. 307   Without the Enthéus Nature's self bestows, The world no Painter nor no Poet knows.
1859   T. Hancock Peculium v. iii. 219   Poets, Painters, Musicians, in all ages..have claimed an Entheus as the origin of their epics, pictures, or hymns.
1985   Stud. Amer. Jewish Lit. 4 66   Gershon becomes excited over his lectures.., showing an incipient stage in the éntheos that gradually develops in him.

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entheous adj. Obsolete full of divine inspiration; attributed to or characteristic of divine inspiration; divinely inspired.

1682   H. More Annot. Lux Orientalis 33 in Two Choice & Useful Treat.   Men of a more Æthereal and Entheous temper.
1728   N. Marwick Calculation LXX. Weeks of Daniel App. 355   The Kings of the Earth, now fired with entheous Heat and Indignation.

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